Your Modern Change Agents: What MSP Professionals do in a day

August 31, 2021

Your Modern Change Agents: What MSP Professionals do in a day

With the changes surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Australian businesses are turning to Managed Services Providers to support their IT environments. This also means that the life of modern desktop support analysts or technicians can be hectic. They could work late at night doing IT stuff that is best scheduled when no one else is working. In fact, according to a survey conducted to 500 IT professionals, 53% of them can only find 10 hours per week or less to pursue leisure activities.

Curious about what an MSP do in a day? From day-to-day tasks, like building client relationships, to more proactive, preventative measures, like setting up automated patch management policies, an MSP’s tasks run the gamut. Here’s a look at some of the activities that your trusted team at Insight IT tackles on a daily basis:

Start of the day

Checking of email to ensure they are aware of any immediate needs, set priorities for the day, and check-in with the team on their top to-do’s as well. MSP responsibilities can vary in urgency, so it’s important for our team to distinguish between levels of importance and prioritize accordingly. If a clients’ server fails, it’s likely that you should put that at the top of the list, while gathering data for the next quarterly business review can move a few pegs down.

Set up multi-factor authentication and VPN licenses for a new client

Our team make recommendations to our clients on how to best protect their IT infrastructures. Sometimes clients take heed of the recommendations, but sometimes it’s not so easy. Helping clients understand the realities of the IT and cybersecurity landscape is essential to build trust and take steps to protect their business.

Troubleshooting… always!

As IT professionals, we are regularly expected to troubleshoot all kinds of technical problems as they arise during the day to day operations of our jobs. When issues arise, it’s a managed network service professional’s job to resolve the issues – without them having any impact on the client’s business or the integrity of their overall network.
The issues we face can be minor in nature as a new employee can’t access or save files on their home drive or sometimes technical issues on the opposite end of the spectrum. Regardless of the problem we are confronting, we believe that an effective problem-solving process and minimizing the time necessary to find the underlying root cause is often a direct combination of having a fundamental and technical understanding of the technology in place and being able to exhibit logical thought processing in relation to the problem itself.

Continual Improvement Exercises

Understanding why and how things are happening is becoming increasingly complex. No one likes to think they’re missing important skills in their industry.

Training helps us be more confident and comfortable using IT. This can lead to numerous benefits to your business including increased productivity, greater efficiency, improved bottom line, quicker adoption of new technologies. Training and exercises are also about finding ways to add value, so the network can operate faster, more efficiently, or more securely. It’s about identifying opportunities for our clients to save time and money, helping them focus on growing their business.

Team meeting

Meetings make knowledge transfer more interactive, more ubiquitous, and less expensive. At it’s best, a team meeting is a way to ensure your staff and management teams are aligned, that no obstacles stand in the way of company progress, and to create an open forum for dialogue and discussion.

Wrap up

Ending the day by reviewing of the priority list and see what tomorrow brings. We also check our emails once more, and see words of appreciation from our clients for getting them back up and running!

From managing client relationships to helping them recover from downtime events and preventing future cyberattacks, there’s always something to check off an MSP’s to-do list. At the end of the day, an MSP professional eat, sleep, play video games, and have built at least one computer.

At Insight IT, we aim to serve SMBs in Australia by fulfilling their IT needs and helping their businesses run smoothly and make life easier for them.


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