About Insight IT

Insight IT was founded in 1997 as an IT managed services provider.

Since then, the range of services and support offered has evolved immensely, bringing the company to where it is today as an End to End Solutions provider for Small & Medium Businesses across Australia.

Our Team


HP Logo

When you want hardware for your business, you want strong, robust workhorses. Servers and user workstations undergo a lot of stress every day, so we need to know that the hardware we provide you is not just going to withstand what you throw at it, but in the event of a problem, is backed by a company with a strong focus on turning around service calls or replacements.

Fortinet Logo

There’s one doorway in and out of every network, and that is your router. We want to be sure that door way is the bst protected and most robust available, which is why we chose the fortinet range of products. Our staff have undergone extensive training to ensure we can get the most out of these devices, and protect you in the best possible way.


When looking for a partner to provide business grade private network and internet connections, we wanted to ensure we had the best possible infrastructure and support team to back us up. This is why we chose to use AAT infrastructure for the connections we provide to our clients.

Apple Logo

Apple have built their name on providing some of the greatest gadgetery around. Whether it be the iPhone or the iPad, an iMac or the Macbook, Apple are creating devices that are both great looking and highly functional. So naturally, we made sure we could provide these to our clients by joining the Apple network.

Microsoft Logo

As part of the Microsoft partner network, Insight & it’s staff have access to unique resources that help us deliver better solutions to you. We are also required to continue learning to maintain our network status, so you know our team are always on the front foot.

OptusYes Logo

When we looked for a telecommunications network to partner with and refer to our clients, we looked at a number of things. Network, customer service, price points and feature sets were all carefully considered. This is why we joined the Optus Business Partner network. And we don’t just sell these services to our clients, we use them ourselves.