Why having an MSP in 2021 is essential for your business?

January 29, 2021

Why having an MSP in 2021 is essential for your business

In 2020, organisations had to restructure their business day-to-day operations to support remote work, virtualize all communications, and improve their cybersecurity from emerging threats. Part of this worldwide digital transformation is the growing number of businesses turning to Managed Services Providers (MSP). But for everything that changed in 2020, one thing that stayed the same was the importance of technology to business success. In this modern time, using the right technology from the right service provider gives you control over financial outcomes by keeping up with the industry trends and by eliminating the costs of inefficiencies.

In 2021, it is certain that technology is here to stay and will play a pivotal role. Here are some of the reason why having a reliable IT Support can help secure your business success.


Drives down cost

While the coronavirus has created massive problems for business worldwide, understanding the accelerated trends has presented opportunities for growth. A recent statistic indicates that nearly 75% of companies outsource IT services, majority of these firms find that outsourcing some or all their IT is cost-effective way to create or maintain an optimized, fully secure IT set-up and are now opting to either maintain their current relationships with IT MSPs or even expand them.

One of the biggest business values of managed services is greater cost savings. In 2020, there is an increase of large firms that opted to have in-house IT technicians handle specialized jobs while hiring an IT managed service to handle day-to-day, routine tasks. Though cost is a primary driver outsourcing also lets them focus their efforts on growing their business and taking care of their own human resources. An in-house IT team can cost tens of thousands of dollars each year: their salaries, software licenses, hardware expenses and maintenance cost. A good MSP covers all the technical needs at a fraction of in-house cost.


Reduces downtime

A recent US study revealed that enduring one single hour of downtime costs 49 out of every 50 businesses over $100k. Most outsourced IT support have dedicated teams available 24/7, which means there will always have a technical expert on hand to assist you with projects. With years of experience working for companies of all sizes, outsourced IT specialists see a wide variety of IT problems every day. Outsourced IT firms assume risks for you, spot any potential issues, and resolve them before downtime occurs. This saves you from dealing with complex IT issues that can potentially cost you your time and money.


Enhanced Security

Security is quickly becoming a major business concern for all small businesses. Due to the increase in virtualization, data capture, and data sharing using cloud and digital tools, there is also a growth in the number cybersecurity and data privacy concerns. In fact, scammers are using the spread of Covid-19 to take advantage of this digital transformation. Scamwatch has received 5170 coronavirus-related scam reports resulting to over $6.2M losses. It’s an alarming figure which continues to grow every day.

Falling victim to a security breach or hacker is a common fear. In 2021, experts say that more SMBs will start using MSP to get the right cybersecurity. Managed service providers help protect businesses from a security breach event and take quick action if one does occur. They also supplement additional policies, protocols, and procedures to ensure compliance.


Efficient and Reliable IT Operations

One of the most important reasons why businesses need managed IT services is the efficiency and reliability of their IT operations. MSP, like Insight IT, has a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists who can support your business both when you need them onsite and at the end of the phone with their 24/7 support team. This team of experts, with mixed skill set, knows business technology like no other.

Additionally, Managed Service Providers can keep your business relevant and on track with continually evolving technology, support, and productivity demands.


Choosing the right Managed Services Provider


Your technology choices are like your people choices – making the right ones makes them an indispensable investment that reaps rewards. A good MSP must understand that many businesses need solutions specific to their individual needs such as IT Consulting, Cloud Solutions, Hardware and software needs, or web and mobile development. As Australia’s leading IT experts in real estate, we at Insight IT are committed to providing you with efficient and reliable IT Services that is tailor-made for your business. We’ll deal with all the “techy” stuff for you so you can focus on what deserves your time the most – growing your business.


If you need assistance with analysing the ROI of outsourcing your IT, expert advice for your business cybersecurity, or need IT Support in Sydney, we are here to help. Speak to one of our experts today!

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