Choosing a Microsoft Partner: Why Go for the Gold?

April 29, 2021

Choosing a Microsoft Partner: Why Go for the Gold?

Working with a Microsoft Certified Partner guarantees that you will be working with the very best service providers. Microsoft Partners are often tiered into two primary groups: Silver and Gold. As either a gold or silver partner, you will be able to use and enjoy the benefits Microsoft grants to meet business objectives. Though these categories give you valuable information about the company’s competencies, what do they mean for you and your business when searching for your perfect Microsoft Partner?

Gold VS Silver Certified: What’s the difference?

To put it simply, Silver partners have demonstrated high-level skill in a particular competency. On the other hand, Gold Microsoft partners have the highest level of certification as they have demonstrated specialised skillset in multiple competencies. 5% of Microsoft partners have silver status while only 1% have Gold status.
Microsoft Gold Certified partner are entitled to many competency benefits and privileges such as having exclusive access to Microsoft tools, utilities and toolkits, as well as to partake in Microsoft’s ongoing training programs and tutorials. Although Silver Certified Partners also go through in-depth scrutiny before they can earn their badge, the differences between a Microsoft Silver and a Gold Partner are profound.


Here are some of the capabilities of a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner:

• Provide consultative expertise with best in class Microsoft implementation and deployment
• Provide Microsoft based IT services and products
• Be first in line for Microsoft updates and news
• Provide smarter training tools and programs
• Utilise our expanded reach to be able to provide 100 licenses for Microsoft products
• Recognised as a leader within the partner community


Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should choose a Microsoft Gold Partner for your business needs:


High Level of Expertise in both product and service

By displaying expertise in their field, Gold Certified Partners guarantees that you have access to certified and accredited IT experts who deliver innovative, proven solutions built on Microsoft technologies to support your business, realize your full business potentials – giving you the competitive advantage. The solutions include not just software but more so training, consultancy and end-to-end support.


Always Up-to-Date

Microsoft is constantly updating and improving its software, solutions, and services. That means that their competency requirements are also updated to keep up with those advancements. When you choose a Gold partner, you can be confident your service provider is up-to-date with training, credentials, and Microsoft’s latest offerings.


They Have a Direct Connection to Microsoft

All Microsoft Partners can consult with Microsoft tech support when they need assistance. But only Gold partners have direct access to advanced support from Microsoft Business Solution. Being in an excellent position to get the help they need, they have access to advanced support partners in Microsoft Business Solutions, fast response times, and the ability to escalate cases when needed, Gold Partners have a direct link with Microsoft that’s valuable for your business.


Proof of Concept Before Pulling The Trigger

When driving a technical and security decision for customers, a Proof of Concept (PoC) or pilot is an opportunity to deliver evidence that the proposed solution solves the business problems. Gold Partners have access to a number of product licenses that other Partners don’t have, which enables them to develop various demos and proof of concepts for clients. This valuable resource saves clients the cost of purchasing licenses and fully investing in implementation before trying out the solution.

We are proud to say that we have maintained our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner through the years

We have met all the technical and business skills validation – this means that there are multiple people at Insight IT with the skills that achieved the highest standards. This guarantees that our clients get all the benefits from our top of the class service and technical expertise. Although we understand that the service still needs to connect with your organization’s needs at a personal level, this certification is a good indication of our team’s overall capabilities.

To see how we can deliver custom Microsoft business solutions to solve your unique challenges, please give us a call at 1300 911 000.

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