Choosing the Right Internet Connection for Your Business

October 28, 2019

Choosing the Right Internet Connection for Your Business

Did you know that the average employee wastes an entire week each year just from using a slow internet connection? In a world where most businesses operate online, there is an increasing demand for efficiency. The quality and speed of your business internet connection directly affect productivity, profit and customer satisfaction.  


What is Fibre 1000 and why is it better? 

Fibre 1000 is currently the fastest internet connection available through fibre-optic cables. With speeds of 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) for both upload and download, Fibre 1000 is 100 times faster than the average residential high-speed broadband service.  

Fibre 1000 is the best choice for businesses looking for a reliable and flexible high-speed internet. Most network service providers offer Fibre 1000 with a dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth for your network. You have the option to allocate 1000Mbps to a single service or divide across your network according to your specific business requirements.   


Benefits of using Fibre 1000 

Apart from lightning-fast internet speeds, upgrading to Fibre 1000 leads to many other business benefits that directly affect your bottom line. 


Stronger and more reliable signal 

Fibre-optic internet is superior not just in terms of speed but also reliability. With traditional types of internet, such as ADSL or VDSL, the signal degrades when your device is further from the switch. In addition, these connections are easily affected by weather conditions. By contrast, a Fibre 1000 connection is resistant to severe weather conditions and corrosion. The signal strength also remains consistent regardless of how far you are from the source. For larger workspaces, all users can benefit from high-speed fibre connection regardless of where they are in the building. The more your business grows, the more critical this advantage will become.  


Supports multiple users 

Chances are that at any point during the workday, a business internet system will be supporting multiple users and devices. Not only are the office desktop machines online, but employees’ personal devices are also logged-into the business wi-fi on the same network. The more users there are accessing the internet, the more your total bandwidth must be shared, slowing the service down for everyone. That’s why, for most businesses, anything less than fibre-optic internet will not be enough to meet their network demands.  

Fibre 1000 provides plenty of bandwidth for each user to carry-out business activities such as viewing web pages, sending emails, accessing cloud services, teleconferencing, and uploading files and images. This means that businesses can stay efficient as their internet speed is not affected by the number of connected users. 


Enhanced video conferencing and VoIP 

Video conferencing and VoIP technologies are rapidly becoming the preferred channel of communication for businesses. According to research, the average business can save up to $33,000 each year on travel costs by opting for video conferencing and VoIP. But poor-quality video calls due to slow internet can cause frustration and damage your business’s reputation. By switching to Fibre 1000, businesses can reap the full benefits of their teleconferencing technology without being limited by bandwidth.  

If your business is more reliant on traditional landlines, keep in mind that the cost of upgrading to Fibre 1000 is still much lower compared to the expense of overseas calls. This means that investing in faster internet is more financially beneficial in the long run.  


Increase employee productivity 

In this highly competitive business environment, every minute an employee spends waiting on slow internet will be a minute paid by the business. The cost of slow internet only increases as more businesses migrate to online-based methods of communication and collaboration. Heavy file-sharing and online application usage add to bandwidth demands which in turn slows the internet further and leads to more time and money being wasted.  

One of the most important advantages of using Fibre 1000 is the cost-savings that come with higher levels of employee productivity. Fibre 1000 allows employees to instantly access data from online applications and download or upload large files without having to consider resolution and compression issues. Faster web page loading also leads to increased options for multi-tasking and higher productivity. For many businesses, upgrading to Fibre 1000 is a worthwhile investment that reaps major financial benefits over time.  


Higher employee morale and engagement 

Almost everyone knows how frustrating and stressful it is to experience slow internet at work. Not only are you worrying about missed deadlines, but you may also have to deal with upset customers who expect instant support and easy communication.  

Fast, secure and reliable internet like Fibre 1000 is key to promoting a calm, confident work environment. And when combined with other workplace factors, the upgrade to Fibre 1000 can increase employee morale and engagement. This, in turn, leads to better performance and talent retention for your business.  


Next steps… 

Despitthe initial cost of upgrading to Fibre 1000, the longterm benefits will far exceed those of traditional internet types. Here at Insight IT, we can help your business with a seamless transition to Fibre 1000. We partner with leading internet providers in Australia to ensure your business receives the best service possible. Contact us here to get started. 

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