Insight Email Archiving

Ever needed to find an email that you sent off in the past, but it’s been lost, archived or deleted, and after searching high and low it’s nowhere to be seen? It could be a contract, and agreement, or just a request or confirmation of an action.

Or perhaps you’ve suspected that sensitive company information is being sent to unauthorised parties?

We have a solution that will scan and retain a copy of every email sent or received by your business, and archive a copy in a US based, accredited archiving facility. This means that the records and reports it produces are tamper proof and potentially provide a credible evidence source should you require it.

In addition to this, it also provides a spooling service as redundancy to your current email solution. So, if for some reason your mail server or solution is offline, email will “spool” on the archiving servers, until such time as your mail server is back online, meaning no lost emails.

benefits with insight
  • Offsite for redundancy
  • Tamper proof for credibility
  • Spooling for redundancy

what this means for your business

In the digital age, having redundancy and a reliable backup method for your emails is imperative. And in the event of any untoward actions, having a means to audit your emails could prove invaluable.