Data & Electrical Cabling

This is a service that we don’t provide directly, as it requires significant training & appropriate licences. We are however more than happy to assist you to find a reputable tradesman, and also assist you with the planning and coordination of all cabling work.

ELECTRICAL: When looking for an Electrician, ensure that they are holders of an Australian Electrical Contractors licence.

DATA: When looking for someone to run your data cabling, ensure that they hold a Licenced Master Cabler qualification.

Always ensure your contractors also have the appropriate insurances, including Public Liability. Should you need assistance with finding a tradesman for these jobs we are happy to help.

Important points of note when having this work completed;

  • We recommend a minimum of 2 power points, per standard desk, ideally 4 power points.
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 data points per standard desk
  • Executive offices/desks will have additional power & data requirements, and this should be taken into consideration
  • Consider where items such as communal printers and photocopies will live. These will all require power, data, and in some cases copper telephone (PSTN) lines for fax machines.
  • All data cabling should be terminated into appropriate patch panels, and data points and patch panel should be labelled appropriately – in other words – every hole in the wall should have a sticker on it, to tell you (or more importantly, us!) where it terminates to in the comms room.
  • It is recommended that all data cabling be Cat6 with Cat6 patch panels to allow for speed and stability on your network. It is also preferred that all cables be of the Clipsal brand.
  • If you’re having a new premises cabled up, allow about a week for the work to occur, and make sure you book the tradesmen as soon as possible. Often they can be booked out for weeks in advance for large jobs.
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We’ve overseen many projects with many different contractors, and we know all the little things that sometimes get forgotten. We can advise your external ocntratcors to ensure the finished product you end up with works properly for your needs.